Kalin Hall

Mr. Kalin Hall

Co-Founder and CEO
After more than 25 years or experience in the Direct Selling space, Mr. Hall has played a major role in the structure and direction of helping several companies to exponential growth across the industry while effectively providing numerous companies a proven footprint to expand their borders with a goal of establishing and maintaining a worldwide presence. Momentous Health Global has been in the works for many years, as both a distributor and corporate executive Kalin decided to take his wealth of knowledge and connections to build his dream company that will always have the Business Advocates best interest in mind. An experienced veteran of the health and wellness space, Kalin is certainly committed to remaining a product of the products. He is very much involved in the R&D of potential new products to insure they are formulated using the best ingredients supported with a marketing plan that is specific to the needs of various regions and are packaged to protect the integrity while maintaining the corporations marketing schemes look and feel. He excels in team work and is driven to work along with our Business Advocates to help them to achieve their goals. His exceptional work ethic has driven Kalin to set lofty but attainable goals that will propel others to push themselves to identify and attain their own level of success at work, home and in life. Kalin is an outstanding motivator and applies that gift in both earning the trust of others, getting them to buy into the concept of working together in hopes of attaining a common goal. Kalin Graduated from BYU with a BS degree in Science  and continued his higher education through the University of Phoenix with a masters in Education along with his Southern Utah University Masters Degree in Administration endorsement.  While at BYU Kalin was a member of the football team where he learned to apply competitive principles of sport directly to the foundations of work, home and life. It was these principles that have given companies millions of dollars of growth under Kalin’s guidance. Kalin’s ability to research and be a visionary in the industry is why he felt the time was right to branch out on his own, align himself with those who share the same business ideas and collectively as a group, take the industry by storm. “We are launching our company with a family of 3 exceptional products we feel should be inclusive in the the daily lives of those around the world” Kalin explained. “We have a corporate wide goal of bringing the masses health and wellness from the inside out.”
Kalin Hall

Mr. Boyd Wathen

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Boyd is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He is an inventor who holds multiple patents for his inventions, primarily in the field of explosives chemistry and has started and owned many successful companies. He married his love for science and health by formulating products for very large network marketing companies, including developing the original Plexus Slim or "Pink Drink". Before Momentous, Boyd co-founded TruVision Health and founded Tavala. Boyd has lived in many countries, running businesses, and has a deep love and understanding of cultures, history and the common bond of all humans, regardless of country or creed.

I saw firsthand that people everywhere want opportunity and the freedom to make that opportunity work for their family. I also saw firsthand the power of network marketing to accomplish this. I want my money, my success, to mean something...that’s why we started Momentous. I am passionate about having my legacy contribute to your legacy. We are in this together.
Kalin Hall

Mr. Jake Hadlock

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Momentous' CMO, Jake Hadlock, brings youthful exuberance and a maturity beyond his years to the Momentous executive team. Jake has had firsthand experience on both sides of the networking business as one of the first distributors at TruVision Health and corporate experience as co-founder and VP of Marketing at Tavala. Before network marketing, Jake has worked in marketing for companies of all shapes and sizes, including a Fortune 500 financial services company, a SaaS company, and was VP of Marketing at another startup networking company as well.

Our marketing materials are frequently the first exposure to your customer. They are supposed to sell for you, they are supposed to invite your prospective customers to the products or opportunity. I am passionate about making the best impression on your behalf.
Gina Higbee

Mrs. Gina Higbee

Vice President of Global Sales
Gina Higbee is an LPGA golf professional who grew up in Highland, Utah as Gina Poulsen. Her dad introduced her to the game of golf and she fell in love with the sport. She played on the Boys’ Golf Team at American Fork High, then went on to receive a full-ride scholarship to Idaho State University where she was captain and played No. 1 for the Big Sky Conference championship team while pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Business. Gina married her high school sweetheart, Wes Higbee, and they lived in Pocatello, ID for the first year and a half of their marriage. After graduating from college, Gina decided she wanted to pursue golf as a career and turned professional in 1994. She moved back to Utah and worked at Thanksgiving Point Golf Course and Hidden Valley Country Club. The Higbees then decided to start a family and had four beautiful children – three daughters and one son. Gina is a member of the LPGA and runs the only LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program in Utah County. She is Lone Peak High School’s Girls’ Golf Head Coach and has coached the Lone Peak Girls Team to 2016, 2018, and 2019 State Championships, with another 6 regional championships. She continues to play with a great passion for the game and loves to teach and share that passion with others. In fact, Gina has built the largest golf academy in the state of Utah. Here she teaches the importance of health and wellness to her clients and the importance of being healthy, strong and taking care of the body on a day to day basis. Gina is an outdoor enthusiast! She loves anything adventurous such as hiking, kayaking, biking, jeeping, and camping.
James Corrigan

Mr. James Corrigan

Information Officer
Mr. Corrigan arrives at Momentous Health Global full of energy, passion and a dedication as the companies Information Officer. James will handle extremely important IT functions in both front and rear capacities. James will also be the front line face to the Business Advocates and will be handling any concerns that arise about anything from back office. James higher education comes from Utah Valley University where he chose Computer Science and Business Management. James has over 6 years of experience in the MLM platform. In that time, James has been afforded the opportunity to wear many hats garnering him multiple levels of on the job training. “ I knew long before my work career started that my Father’s words of wisdom would be the foundation and the reason I am dedicated to succeed.” James continued. “Whether in the classroom or at work, I strategically became involved with several layers of the business just to further my knowledge of what it takes to run multi-million dollar companies.” James hands on hands leadership enables him to understand every nuance of our business because he never misses an opportunity to to extend his hand and uses the modern combination of modern experiences. James possesses  the unique combination of practice experience. He has been afforded a unique combination of business and business acumen which provides him the success in and throughout his business successes. His sound level of experience in business has afforded him some opportunities to work hard in multiple departments increasing the value of his depth to the companies. James has a solid background in the discipline of IT. Holding keys to the entire back-side office suit. Moving forward, James will expand his role and will continue to be that front line face for all MHG’s Business Advocates. Over the years James has fulfilled his positions at a very high level and no task has failed him nor has he been afraid to jump right in and learn as much as he can. We will rely on James and his experiences front facing with our Business Advocates as well as handling all internal and external functions. Every Business Advocate will get to know James and interact with him. We are confident that his caring, considerate business manner will solve issues and insure that Momentous Health Global will lead the industry in health and wellness.